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Web Hosting Reviews: Best Value

Discover which web hosting companies offer the most bang for your buck using our rankings. A low price alone is not the whole picture. Read a few of the reviews shared by social media users to see what we mean. A web host might be dirt cheap at signup but find ways to charge you more later. Or, they may really be a good deal. Regardless of low or high price, some web hosting providers are worth using and some are not. This is what these web hosting rankings measure.

Update 2016, July:

Since web hosting is only one part of the website building process, I’ve added two helpful links below.

#1 How to Start a Blog: 7 Simple Steps: step-by-step guide for creating a blog with WordPress

#2 Website Setup: Robert teaches how to build websites.

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More reviews are needed before the following web hosting providers can be ranked for value.

Scoring is based on hosting reviews shared within the last year.