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  • Ranked #16 of 48 (Top 40%)
  • 54% Good
    57 100 0
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  • Pros: Support
  • Updated March 21, 2016

Site5 reviews have been collected from 51 social media users during the last year. 31 reviews share a good experience while 26 reviews are not flattering. Site5 is spoken well of in 54% of reviews, which is above average compared to the competition. All in all, Site5 ranks 16th out of 48 web hosts which puts them in the top 40%. The Site5 reviews we've analyzed indicate that support is a specific strong point. For more in-depth review, check this Site5 hosting review from HostingFacts.com

Site5 Reviews on Social Media

We find Site5 reviews on social media, classify them as good or bad and organize them by focus. The ranks, ratings and trends above are based on 57 reviews over the last year. You can read these Site5 reviews below.

Another day, another @site5 outage. What a surprise! Heck, I don't need my website up and running anyways. Making $$ is such a nuisance.
Avoid @site5 their support is shockley bad and the servers go down times that I can count. Definitely not the 99.9% they "guarantee"
David Lowe
You're awesome @site5. Sites might fail every-so-often, but you're on it and sort it out within mins. Better than companies x1000 your size!
T Jay Carter
Never had so much trouble with my bank. But @site5 customer service handled it like a champ. Great job as always! It's why I stick with 'em
Mickey Mellen
Wow, Site 5 hosting is full of morons. If you see this @site5, check out ticket BNYN-64772 on how not to treat a customer.
Lewis Nyman
Very disappointed with @site5. They upped my subscription and have been charging me 600% of my original price for a year without my consent…
I'd hoped the rumors I would have to move hosts were untrue, but it looks like @site5 is already descending into *bleep!* service. So sad.