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Rackspace reviews have been collected from 116 social media users in the last year. There are 46 reviews sharing a good experience and 79 reviews that express negative sentiment. Rackspace is mentioned favorably in 37% of reviews. This is average when compared to other web hosting providers. Overall, Rackspace ranks 24th out of 48 web hosts. The Rackspace reviews we've looked at show uptime to be a particular weakness.

Rackspace Reviews on Social Media

We find Rackspace reviews on social media, classify them as good or bad and organize them by focus. The ranks, ratings and trends above are based on 125 reviews over the last year. You can read these Rackspace reviews below.

Ian Fenn
Oh dear. Passed from one @rackspace technician to another. Now their documentation is wrong. How things have changed.
Quinn Supplee
What the heck @rackspace I’ve been on hold for your “fanatical support” for 14 minutes now. It’s not like you guys to be so darn slow. ????????
Kitt Hodsden
I canceled my @rackspace account. They continued to charge me. I contested the charges. They now threaten to cancel my account. Oh noes!