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  • Ranked #31 of 48 (Bottom 40%)
  • 24% Good
    145 100 0
    (Below Average)
  • Cons: Value, Features, Support
  • Updated March 21, 2016

Media Temple reviews have been collected from 133 social media users during the last year. 35 reviews share a good experience while 110 reviews are not flattering. Media Temple is spoken well of in 24% of reviews, which is below average compared to the competition. All in all, Media Temple ranks 31st out of 48 web hosts which puts them in the bottom 40%. The Media Temple reviews we've looked at show value to be a particular weakness.

About Media Temple

Media Temple is one of the oldest companies to offer web hosting. They opened their doors in the 1990's and were especially popular among designers. Today they serve a broad audience, offering shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. They also offer CloudTech managed services for server customers who would like an extra hand.

Their shared hosting plan is different than most. They use their own control panel software instead of using cPanel or Plesk. They call it "shared" because it has features common to typical shared hosting but their "Grid" platform actually uses cloud technology. Since the power of multiple servers is available, it should handle traffic spikes better than traditional shared hosting, in which your site and many others share the finite resources of one server.

Media Temple sold itself to GoDaddy in 2013, a move that disappointed some of their customers. Media Temple had long enjoyed a generally positive repuation while GoDaddy had been considered by many to be one of the poorer web hosting providers. GoDaddy has said it will let Media Temple operate independently. Keep an eye on the trends chart to track Media Temple's performance as a GoDaddy company. We hope that GoDaddy will learn some things from the Media Temple people.

Media Temple Reviews on Social Media

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looking for a new hosting company. killed me to pay another year to @mediatemple but they are completely crap since being bought out.
Robert McLarty
Media Temple's service has been slowly getting worse. My site was down for a bit. I'm working on a new Node version which I'll launch on ec2