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Microsoft Azure reviews have been collected from 170 social media users in the last year. There are 57 reviews sharing a good experience and 122 reviews that express negative sentiment. Microsoft Azure is mentioned favorably in 32% of reviews. This is average when compared to other web hosting providers. Overall, Microsoft Azure ranks 27th out of 48 web hosts. The Microsoft Azure reviews we've collected show that features is a strength while is value is a weakness.

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We find Microsoft Azure reviews on social media, classify them as good or bad and organize them by focus. The ranks, ratings and trends above are based on 179 reviews over the last year. You can read these Microsoft Azure reviews below.

Dear @Azure. I can see why you have to charge for customer support -your product hasn't worked correctly once in an entire weekend of trying
Shane Milton
Ugh. Having issues shutting down (for the weekend) one of our more expensive VMs on @Azure. Portal seems unresponsive. :-/
Mike M
#Azure has some 'splaining to do about last evening's East US network issues. I need specifics for my clients please @Azure!
Eric Coffman
Tonight @azure was down and the only way to report the issue was to pay them $300 for "support" to enable the issue submission form.
Jeff Putz
My @Azure apps are down, management portal can't even return stats to diagnose. Still no support option, either. Infuriating.
1/2 Able to rename the resource groups is feature requested by many and also it gives a good azure resource manager experience of @azure
Ankit Sud
I love cloud computing,drive site had *bleep!* connections to India, downloaded driver onto @azure VM and then to onedrive and then to my PC
TC Foxtaur
What the *bleep!*, @azure. A 22% price hike is quite a jump to inflict upon people all at once, even if it is in the name of exchange rates. ????