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1&1 reviews have been collected from 212 social media users in the last year. There are 25 reviews sharing a good experience and 202 reviews that express negative sentiment. 1&1 is mentioned favorably in 11% of reviews. This is far below average when compared to other web hosting providers. Overall, 1&1 ranks 39th out of 48 web hosts which puts them in the bottom 20%. The 1&1 reviews we've looked at show uptime to be a particular weakness.

1&1 Reviews on Social Media

We find 1&1 reviews on social media, classify them as good or bad and organize them by focus. The ranks, ratings and trends above are based on 227 reviews over the last year. You can read these 1&1 reviews below.

Dear @1and1, for a company that helps peeps build websites, you have the crappiest one out there. Regards
Re H. Carlson
I'm adding @1and1 to my list of terrible hosting companies to never ever recommend to clients. Monumentally terrible customer service.
Eta Carinae
.@1and1 Your dashboard is very complicated and is not user friendly for non-technical people. DNS management's particularly very difficult.
On hold to talk to @1and1 support for 23 minutes and now. I forgot I was on hold. Scared the crap out of me when the music came back.
Today I open an account at @1and1 didn't like it so I want cancel it (30 days) 5 min waiting at the phone and no one answers
So @1and1 require you to provide a copy of your passport get a £10/month server. Intrusive and overkill. Not happened with AWS..
Dear @1and1, I told you months ago that I would NOT be renewing two domain names. Cancelled payment method. Now being threatened. You suck.
Nick Fortag
Just paid for a year of hosting from @1and1 and so far I'm not impressed. It's been about 30mins and I still can't use my account.